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TMS Advisory

International investments and business development. 

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TMS Advisory Department is a privately held, worldwide operating business strategy consultancy and investment company, with a strong focus on foreign investments and business development. 

Through this exceptional business approach, TMS Advisory is a trusted adviser to many leading institutions.

Through a holistic approach achieved through years of expertise, we are showing each and every business, not only how to sell more, reduce the operating expenses and take advantage of business operational steps that will expand your business, but also how to solve wide range of business problems / challenges that need a quick and effective solution.

We work closely with clients, guiding them during the process, choosing steps and courses together, while using our extensive expertise and business know-how.

TMS Advisory provides both the advisory services and the capital resources needed for any organization that has the desire to expand or faces current distress.

We apply a systematic approach and provide a direct added value based on simple steps that deliver targeted results

We provide services to: 

  • Local businesses that want to grow locally, or enter new markets.

  • Foreign companies preparing to safely join the Dutch market, while maintaining a low-risk approach. 

  • CEOs and Founders who wish to consult and see advice from reliable advisors.

  • Entrepreneurs with startups that want to scale their ideas up and become a global players.

  • Real estate Investors and developers needing support to build a feasible project and raise funds.

  • Board of directors who are not satisfied with the projects' implementation results and seek to obtain objective advice from third parties to unlock the situation.

  • Distress companies that take final observation to resolve the situation of their firms, wanting to make amendments and rapid results

  • Functioning as a local Representative for foreign investors seeking for local oversight by a reliable third party with their portfolio or local management.

All the above scenarios (and many more) are cases we have been tackled and resolved in the last 20 years of activity

Our Client Portfolio 

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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