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Watercolor Paint
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Arts brings us tremendous joy, helping us to express our values and build bridges between cultures and countries, eliminating borders, colors, or race, and making each individual a better human being. Arts are a fundamental component of a healthy community and by strengthening the gifted artists, socially, educationally, and economically, the benefits will persist even in difficult social and economic times, as the artwork is endless.

With those strong pillars along with the importance of real financial value creation, we created the Art Division – Art&Co. by MCH.

Art & Co. by MCH is an Online art galley and Home for talented artists which provides unprecedented opportunities for selected artists that were chosen from many applicants and were eligible to join Art&Co’s special project and transform them into the future generation of leading artists.

Our featured artists were chosen from hundreds of artists that applied to our home of art.

They were chosen by international art experts from around the world, based on their artistic potential that was evaluated by leading international art experts and by an in-depth analysis of their work, evaluating several factors that determine the current and future value of their masterpieces. We make sure that we chose the future generation of leading artists. 

Art & Co. by MCH, provides its clients with unique artwork from future leading artists. A one of a kind artwork that accumulate the artist life experience and vision that were absorbed in its paint or clay. Artwork that will only increase its financial value in the coming years.

if you are an art lover, visit Art & Co. by MCH Online Gallery 

Face Sculpture
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